Amsterdam Centraal Station


This lovely card arrived today. It shows the Centraal Station in Amsterdam many, many years ago. The station was first opened in 1889 features a roof span of approximately 40 metres fabricated in cast iron by Andrew Handyside of DerbyEnglandAmsterdam Centraal is twinned with Liverpool Street station in London, in the United Kingdom, the other terminus of the Dutchflyer rail-ferry service. It was under construction for the past 2 years to allow access to a new tube line.

It is actually funny how other people’s postcards make you remember things. On this card it was mentioned to visit the Van Gogh Museum, which I have not been yet. However, I do remember visiting the Rijksmuseum. I was most impressed by Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch”. This amazingly detailed and huge painting really took me in and I was watching it for over an hour as there was so much to explore. For me, an absolute must visit attraction in Amsterdam even if you are not a big fan of galleries and paintings. This museum will change your mind.


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