This beautiful card shows one of the main tourist attractions and buildings in Berlin, the Branderburger Tor. Many people see this gate as a symbol for the reunification of Germany as it was here where the Berlin Wall was standing and nobody was allowed near the gate for 3 decades.

Berlin, my old hometown and capital of Germany. I spent about 3 years living in Berlin during my apprenticeship. For me, this city is still very close to my heart and I always like to return and see how it has changed. Berlin is so diverse and a city full of history. Additionally, I really love the restaurant and bar scene in Berlin. I also cannot think of a city that has 2 major opera houses and so many theatres like Berlin. Berlin is a very special place and I can only recommend to you going there for a few days. It is my favourite city in Germany and maybe after London in the world. If you come to Germany don’t visit Munich or any other city but go to Berlin to the heart of Germany and experience this vibrant, multi-national and quirky metropolis. 

When you have visited Berlin and let me know what you think.