The above postcard shows Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo which first opened it’s doors in 1858 and marks the start of the major success story of this small state. Due the casino success, the principality could afford not to collect tax from Monegasques by 1869 and continues to do so until now.

I once had the pleasure to visit and play in this casino when I was working on a cruise ship in 2003 and I have to say that this was a very exciting evening. Seeing many people playing roulette on different tables, loosing and winning thousands of dollars, euros and pounds in minutes. I certainly did give it a try with roulette and was up for most of the evening until one gets cocky and the casino wins it all – what a shame!


This postcard shows the Oceanographic Museum, which is especially impressive to watch from the sea side when it towers about 80 meters above a cliff and just looks monumental.

The above 2 postcards have arrived recently in my mail box and are a gift and very nice surprise from Malyss (, a fellow blogger from the French Riviera. Thanks to her reading about my project and helping me to complete the collection of capital cities on postcards.

Did you actually know that Monaco is the second smallest country in the world? It is also the most densely populated country int he world. not bad for such a little state.

Monaco is really worth a visit at any time and I would certainly like to return one day, maybe even when the Monaco Grand Prix is in town. it must be such a fantastic experience to see Formula One cars racing through this quite small city.


One thought on “Monaco

  1. Thank you for posting! Reading you , I realised that I … Never went into the casino!!
    Must do that before dying! :o)
    Let me know if you’re interested by cards showing the Grand Prix. I think I can find some for you.

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