About 10 month ago, I stumbled on a website called postcrossing.com and was intrigued by the concept of bringing modern social media and old fashioned postcard writing together. I have to say that I was never really that person that would write 20 postcards from holiday (rather 1 or 2 if at all). However, I gave it a shot and discovered very quickly that postcrossing is a way of travelling and sharing a nice hobby with strangers from around the world. It is just absolutely amazing how a postcard from a complete stranger from the other side of the world can make you smile and lift your emotions. Now, checking my mailbox has become something special. I am looking forward to it all day and on most days I will find another nice postcard in my box that will give me energy. Having received over 100 postcards from various different countries and continents, I decided to share this beautiful hobby with all of you. One of my main collections is capital cities of the world and I will share these cards with you on this blog. Please feel free to send me a postcard from your capital city or with your national or regional flag to the following address:

Roman Griesshaber
Flat 8, Globe Wharf
205 Rotherhithe Street
London SE16 5XS
United Kingdom

Happy reading and enjoy.


1 thought on “About

  1. Hello, Roman!
    My name is Eva, and I’m a mail lover myself. I’ve arrived to your blog from Postmuse’s blog (http://postmuse.blogspot.com), which I love. I’ve participated in her project some times. I have a mail blog too, but it isn’t just about postcards, it’s about mail in general. If you want to take a look: http://mailadventures.blogspot.com

    So I can understand perfectly that you have been infected by the mail virus… 😉

    I find your collection quite interesting. I’m from Spain but currently living in Morocco. At this moment I’m not able to find a postcard from the capital because I’ve live far away from Rabat. But if I got it in the future, be sure I’ll send it to you. Next week I’m travelling to Spain, and maybe I could sent a postcard from Madrid to you. So I have some questions:

    1. Do you prefer a naked stamped postcard or a new postcard in an envelope? It’s the same price from Spain.
    2. Do you like just postcards from monuments, or everything goes?

    Sorry for the long comment!

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